If I were not myself and you were someone else, I would say so much to you and I would tell the truth.

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||Will contain NSFW content and possible triggers||

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I’ve been sucked up in playing Mabinogi, it’s taking over my life, anyway, I made a new RP blog at the request of a dear friend and I actually ended up getting super into it while making it so I figured I’d share it if anyone wanted to find me or RP with me since Maya ran away for the time being.. sorry, sorry.

I’ll be HERE for a while.

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"If anything they should be honor." He’s quite a bigoted when one thinks about it. The status bestow on him does have that effect. "Say, are you jealous?" He had to ask since she did brought it up.

Jealous? the dark haired girl proceeded to let several sound ranging laughs burst from her vocal cords before she leaned back on her heels and clasped her hands, fingers lacing. “I’m never jealous.” That was a lie, she had a high possibility of becoming jealous over the tiniest things.


      [ he hadn’t been prepared in the slightest. the world was a harsh place and treated him much that way, but he faced it. distractions were easier to come by, but self destruction went hand in hand with it ]


      ❝To get outta that place. Ya know how it is— all rules and fuckin’…I dunno.’ Just did.❞

She inhaled deeply, casting a glance down to the ground, she found herself to be somewhat doubting the other but she chose not to verbalize such thoughts. “I know but..” Trailing off, slender fingers of her left hand were placed to the front of her throat. “We’re not fit for society.”



      ❝You should… run away with me. I ran away, so I can take anyone from the institute, too, I think.❞

      [ it’s not that easy. but he’ll try ]

"…" Ran away, huh? that’s what she thought. Folding her arms across her chest, she shook her head a little. "Rhys.. why did you run away?" Not that she didn’t want to but she knew she wasn’t prepared for reality, she needed help.




      [ his only smile meets hers, but it feels different. they’ve been apart for too long ]

      ❝Missed you—❞

"I’m glad." The brunette’s head proceeded to come to a tilt at the males words, "Oh? I missed you as well, a lot, actually.."



      ❝C’mon— I’m havin’ a good day today, so be happy with me, or you’ll go and make me all sad.❞

A smile flashed upon the female’s visage before she clasped her hands and laced slender fingers. “Ah, is this better~?”



      ❝I don’ think I like that sass you got with me, there. C’mon, Ayame.❞

”..Do forgive me sir, I’ll watch my tongue from now on.” Ayame, be nice.

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